The Commercial Appraisal Division of QM Appraisal is composed of local, dedicated appraisers focused on providing “red-carpet” appraisal services for a fair price and in a reasonable time frame. Our Commercial Appraisal Division goes above and beyond to ensure our reports are filled with accurate and relevant information that will paint a picture on how the value of the property being appraised is derived. We track the most advanced and up-to-date information, which allows us to provide our clients with the best available market data, imagery, and exhibits available today.

When you choose QM Apprsaisal, you are saying “Goodbye” to boilerplate information, outdated market data, and poor report presentation and saying “Hello” to accuracy, quality, and credibility. Unlike other firms that solely focus on appraisal services, our firm has a competitive edge in being a one-stop shop for all your real estate needs providing brokerage, property tax consulting, and property management services, which in turn subsidize the appraisal division with data and expertise.

QM Appraisal’s Commercial Appraisal Division provides the following services:

Appraisal                                                            Appraisal Consulting and Expert Witness Testimony
Appraisal Review                                               Area and Neighborhood/Demographic Analysis
Feasibility Studies                                              Portfolio and Estate Valuation and Consulting
Litigation Support                                              Highest and Best Use Analysis
Data and Information Analysis                          Real Estate Tax Valuation and Consulting
Discounted Cash Flow Analysis                        Site and Property Location Analysis and Consulting
Due Diligence Analysis                                     Sales and Rental Data Analysis
Supply and Demand Analysis                           Subdivision Absorption Studies

Coverage Area
Our primary market area encompasses Park, Big Horn, Hot Springs and Washakie counties and can extend as far south as Casper and north into southern Montana.